Monday, July 3, 2017

More Baptisms and a Shoe Repair

Hi everyone!

Well, this week was super great! I think it was a pretty good last week of the mission for my companion. It´s so weird that another transfer has already gone by. Time flies!

As far as my new companion goes...I still don´t know who it will be. Haha I could receive a call any minute telling me who it´s going to be! So that has me just a little bit anxious. So it looks like you all won´t know that until next week!

This week we had the baptisms of Estuardo and Johnny! They are so awesome. This is the third time that Estuardo has been really close to being baptized, but both of the of the other times something happened and he ended up not going through with it. But the third time´s the charm! I´m so grateful to be able to be a part of their conversion.

As far as our area goes, we don´t really have any other progressing investigators...haha so we´re going to have to work really hard this week to be able to get some people progressing! Some people in Estuardo and Johnny´s family came to the baptism and to church on Sunday to support them, so we´ll be trying to teach them a bit this week. We have a few positive new investigators, so I still have high hopes for the coming weeks. The zone is also doing FANTASTIC. We had eight baptisms last week as a zone, and we had 47 investigators in church again as a zone. Things are improving a ton here! I´m so grateful for the success that the Lord is giving us!

Well, that´s all for this week! I love you all tons!

-Elder Thomas

P.S. Pictures!

1. Estuardo, Johnny, and the youth in the ward that baptized them!

2. Estuardo, Johnny, and some friends and family that came to support them! 

3. Estuardo, Johnny and us!

 4. I don´t know much about shoes...but I´m pretty sure they´re supposed to be in one piece. Haha but don´t worry, I already got that fixed up today.

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