Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Flip Flops and Boumerangs

Hi everyone!

This week was pretty great! We did a lot of preparation for the visit of Elder Zeballos of the Seventy. He´s coming this week! I´m really excited, but pretty nervous as well. My companion and are going to give a presentation on "The State of the Mission". Basically we have to make some graphs, analyze the trends and patterns in the mission, and talk about the plans we have to get better. So that has pretty much been what´s on our minds this week. It should go well though. I also get to sing Savior, Redeemer of My Soul in one of the conferences with two other elders! So I´m excited for that as well.

I also got to do exchanges with Elder Roylance, a brand new missionary! Being with him for a day was a pretty weird flashback experience. Watching him struggle with the language and tell me about his worries and concerns just took me back to the first day of my mission! It was actually pretty cool. I loved being able to use the little bit that I´ve learned while I´ve been out to help him learn and feel at peace with the progress he´s making. He´s going to make a great missionary.

Meanwhile, while my companion was in our area with the companion of Elder Roylance, he set a baptismal date during a contact on a TAXI. That´s pretty cool if you ask me. His name is Juan Gabriel, and he´d been to church years ago and has always loved it. He´s had a rough life, but he has a desire to change. So we´re going to keep working with him, and I´m hoping I´ll be able to see him enter the waters of baptism!

That´s about all for this week! I love you all!

-Elder Thomas

P.S. Sorry for the misleading subject line, I decided to take my brother-in-law´s idea and put something interesting that might catch your attention. Shout out to Kyle Spackman. Haha. :)