Monday, August 21, 2017

First Week as AP

Hi everyone!

Well, this week has been pretty crazy, but super fun! We´ve been pretty busy. I got here on Monday, but I didn´t even have time to really unpack until Saturday morning! Haha but that´s alright, I enjoy being busy!

A ton of things happened this week! One of the first things that I got to do was help with a few last minute changes in the transfers. It was super cool to see just a little bit of how the Lord guides us and the mission president in sending the missionaries where they need to go and with the companion with whom they need to be. Way great experience!

We also got to greet an awesome new group of missionaries that came in this week! It was a pretty big group, and it looks like it´s full of some awesome, hard-working missionaries. We got to know some of them and give them a brief training on how to contact, which was way fun!

We got to do exchanges with the zone leaders of San Marcos San Pedro this week! That´s the zone that is in the mountains, so it was weird feeling some cold for a change. We did some visits with the two stake presidents up there in order to gain their trust a bit more and get them excited about missionary work. I´m learning that the work just goes SO much easier when we have the trust and support of the members. 

We also had a new leader´s meeting and a special training meeting on Friday which we got to help a lot with. We got to talk/train for almost two hours! I thought it was going to be really scary and stressful, but it was actually super fun.

As far as our area goes, we haven´t been there all that much! Haha but I did get to meet a few really awesome recent converts, and I got to know some of the members a little bit in church yesterday. It seems like a really great ward, and I´m really excited to work with them. We met one really awesome new investigator this week! Her name is Zulma and she´s about 24 years old. She´s a reference from member, and she went to church yesterday! We taught her The Restoration yesterday as well, and she understood it super well! She´s really smart. The only problem is that she works a lot and we can only really teach her on Sundays, but I think she will still progress quite a bit! We should have more time to work in our area this week, so hopefully there will be a lot more progress there!

I love you all!

-Elder Thomas

Wilmer and Jaquelline's baptism