Monday, June 5, 2017

Two baptisms and a move

Hi everyone!

This week was SUPER busy! But it was a ton of fun.

We had a mission leadership council this Tuesday! That was awesome. We learned so much! Right now in the mission we´re focusing a lot on how to set effective goals. Lately in the mission, we´ve all been setting high, good goals because we believe we can achieve them, but then we frequently don´t even come close! So the idea right now is that we´re going to lower our goals so that they´re more obtainable, and then as we start achieving those, we will raise them little by little. I think that´ll change a lot in the mission!

This week we also did exchanges with all three district leaders in our zones in order to train them in what we learned in the leadership council. That was way awesome! I got to work with three different elders this week other than my companion, and I learned a lot from it! So that made the week go by real fast.

We also had the baptism of Ana Maria and Lisbeth! It was so awesome. We walked with them to church on Sunday morning when they were going to be confirmed when Ana Maria asked me, "Can we repeat the baptism? I liked it!". I explained to her a little bit about baptisms for the dead, and how although she can´t get baptized for herself again, she can go to the temple when she turns twelve to be baptized for her ancestors. It just so happens that in Primary they are working on their genealogy, so hopefully they´ll get the chance to go to the temple with their own names soon!

We also moved this week! So that took up a lot of time. Haha it was a super busy week, but I loved it!

I love you all! Have a great week!

-Elder Thomas

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