Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Pray for Jose Manuel

Hi family and friends!

This week was pretty good! We had a decent amount of success in finding new investigators to teach, so we´re really happy about that. We also had a really awesome multi-zone conference with President Goodman, which are always great.

This week was a bit up and down for José Manuel! If you all don´t remember him, he´s a nine year-old boy who´s been to church several times and is really smart. His school teacher, who is member, and invited him and has been taking him to church. José Manuel´s dad is an inactive member, and his mom goes to an evangelical church. The main challenge with him was that his mom wasn´t sure if she wanted him to be baptized. She felt he was really young and should wait a bit longer to make the decision. We explained to her that we would teach him for a while, and before he´d be baptized, another elder would come and interview him to make sure he is ready. We had set a goal with him to have his baptism on June 10th. We told the mom that if it was alright, we could have the elder come and interview her son, and if he passed, he could get baptized, and if not, then that would show that she was right and he needs more preparation. She agreed, José Manuel passed the interview, and we began to prepare his baptism for June 10th.

And then...José Manuel got super sick! He had a really bad fever with body aches and he could barely walk on the day of his baptism. So due to that, he didn´t get baptized, and now his parents are second-guessing whether or not he should be baptized in general. We´re going to be praying hard for him, and we hope he can be baptized soon! Keep him in your prayers!

A lot of other stuff happened this week, but that was probably the most eventful. Sorry this is kind of a short email!

I love you all so much! Have a great week!

-Elder Thomas

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