Monday, May 29, 2017

First Week as a Zone Leader

Hi family and friends!

This might be a short email! I don't have a lot of time, but this week has been pretty great!

I really enjoy being a zone leader! I was pretty nervous at first, but now I'm seeing how fun it is to help other missionaries become better. It's super great!

I got to know my area a bit, as well as most all of our investigators. They're awesome! We're actually going to have two baptisms on Saturday! So that'll be great. They are daughters of a recent convert named Ana. Their names are Maria and Lisbeth. Apparently they were going to get baptized with their mom, but something happened and they didn't show up to the baptism! But they went to church again yesterday and accepted to be baptized this Saturday. Woohoo!

We're also working with a ten year-old boy named Jose Manuel. He's super awesome! We're hoping he'll be baptized on June 10th because he's been to church several times and is super prepared. We taught him the Restoration yesterday and I think he understood it better than many adults I've taught! Haha his dad is an inactive member, so we're hoping that he'll be re-activated as well. The mom is of another religion, and she and Jose Manuel are both worried that he won't be ready to be baptized on June 10th, so for that reason we're not sure. But we're going to try to show him that he is ready, and hopefully there will be a baptism next week!

That's about all I have for this week! My new companion and I get along well, and it's been fun so far. I love you all!

-Elder Thomas

P.S. A few pictures! A couple with some members in El Rodeo, and one with my new companion!

PS. 2 From mom: I asked Dylan about his new duties and his apartment and this is what he said:

The apartment is super nice! The sad thing is that we have to move. We live on the second level and the owners live below, but apparently the owner is kicking us out because he needs the space. So we'll most likely be moving this week! So I'll send pictures of the next house. But where we're living now is pretty nice, and no bucket showers nor rats. :) There are 22 missionaries in our zone. Being a zone leader is pretty fun! My responsibilities honestly aren't that much different from those of a district leader, they're just on a different scale. My companion and I are both zone leaders, and there are three districts in our zone. We have to do exchanges with each district leader at least once a transfer, and with other areas as well if they need some extra help. We take weekly reports from the district leaders about their districts each week, and we're calling them almost daily just to see how the missionaries are doing. There is other stuff as well, but that about sums it up!

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