Tuesday, June 20, 2017



This week was SUPER good! We saw so many miracles, and had so many great experiences! I´ll try to share at least a few.

Well, one of the more scary experiences was an EARTHQUAKE! I´ve felt a couple little earthquakes, but this was by far the biggest one I´ve felt in my life! According to what I heard, it was a 6.9. Everyone is fine, but there was a bit of disorder, broken glass, etc. in the house afterward. So that was fun!

Now to the miracles in the work! Last Monday, just a few hours after I finished writing you all, we received a call from a member from another area named Jorge Valdez. He told us he was going to go do a Family Home Evening with his girlfriend´s mom because she wants to be baptized! She lives in our area, and has apparently known the church for YEARS and has been going consecutively for months. My companion and I both thought she was a member! For some reason it´s taken her some time to make the decision to be baptized, but she´s now made it and she´s one hundred percent sure about it! We went to teach her on Wednesday and she accepted to be baptized on this Friday. So that was a miracle that came out of nowhere! She is the sweetest lady ever, and we´re super excited to be a part of her baptism.

Another story! On Saturday, a couple of returned missionaries who had served here came to Coatepeque to visit! One of them was my first zone leader, and I knew them both more or less, so it was great to see them. One of them had served here in this area, so he showed us where a man who he had baptized lived. He also had a little brother and other family that was close to being baptized, but something happened and they ended up not investigating the church anymore. The one who is a member named Jackson, and we´re also teaching his brother Estuardo. Both of them went to church this Sunday, along with a little boy named Johnny (we´re not really sure if he´s there cousin or brother, haha). They´re really awesome though, and I think they´ll accept a baptismal date very soon!

Things are really picking up here! We had six investigators in church this Sunday, and forty investigators in church as a zone, which is the most we´ve had since I got here! So we´re really happy about that.

Great week! I love you all!

-Elder Thomas

Earthquake Damage

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