Monday, May 15, 2017

Reunited with old comp and a Mother's Day Song

Hello everyone!
So today was crazy! This email will be pretty short due to the lack of time. The reason I´m writing so late is because today we had...emergency transfers! I´m staying here in El Rodeo, but yesterday my companion Elder Hernández got transferred. They didn´t let us know until around 9:30 last night, and so he packed his bags last night and we got on a bus to Reu this morning. So a good portion of today was spent on a bus!
But here I am with my new companion...he is...ELDER TORRES! Round two! Haha he was my companion for about four or five months in Tejutla, and now we´re together again! Haha so that´s pretty funny. We get along pretty well though, so that´s good!
This week was great! Marleni got baptized, but I forgot my camera when we went to her baptism. :( But that´s alright, I´ll probably try to get the pictures from a member. But it was super great! Pablo is going to get baptized this week, and the rest of our investigators are also doing well! More details next week.
I also had a great time talking to my family yesterday! Shoutout to my mommy! Happy Mother´s Day! ;)
Thanks for those who wrote me, I don´t think I´m going to have time to respond, but I love you all!
-Elder Thomas

PS from MOM,

I asked Dylan to sing us a song and the sang a duet for us :)

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