Monday, May 8, 2017

Preaching on the Bus!

Hello everybody!!!
This week has been pretty great!
We had an awesome multi-zone conference this week! We talked about the increased focus that we need to have in our mission (and in all missions I believe) in baptizing converts. A lot of times as missionaries we get a little distracted in doing a lot of good things (service, visiting less-actives, etc.) that we forget that our principal focus is in baptizing converts. If we focus on that, we´ll do that more! So that´s a change we´re making in the mission.
We´ve started doing something really cool! Usually when a missionary travels in bus, he or she will maybe talk to the person sitting next to them and share a little bit about the church, if that. That´s not a bad thing, but we found that there is even more we can do! Now the expectation in the mission is that each time we travel in a bus, we ask the driver to turn off the music or movie that may be playing for a few minutes while we share something brief with the WHOLE bus! We sing a hymn, share a brief testimony, and then sometimes ask if anyone is interested in our message. Since no one usually raises their hands, we then go from seat to seat talking to everyone on the bus! It´s so great, and that way we make sure everyone has the chance to hear the gospel! It´s so much fun!
There are other cool things I´d like to share, but I don´t have much time. This Friday, two people should be getting baptized! Their names are Marleni and Pablo. They´re from two completely different families, but they´re both great and we´re so excited for their baptisms. We´re also working with a man named EfraĆ­n, the husband of Aracely who was just recently baptized. He has some personal challenges, so we´re not entirely sure when he´ll be able to get baptized. But we´re hoping he will soon!
I love you all! Have a good week!
-Elder Thomas
P.S. Some pictures of the house! Say hello to the bucket shower again... :P Haha just kidding, we only have to use that every once in a while when the water goes out, and it´s not that bad. So it´s all good!

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