Monday, April 3, 2017

I'm going on Tour!

Hi everyone!

This week has been great! This email might be short since I didn´t get around to writing it until this time of night, but that´s alright!

Elder Pedersen is doing great! He´s learning the job fast, and I´m sure he´ll do great when I leave the office next week and he´s on his own!

The Easter Program we created that I mentioned last week is starting this FridayThis Friday we´ll be doing a program in a stake here close, but then on Saturday we get to go on a road trip up to the mountains to do it for a stake up there! We have a total of three programs this weekend. We´re way excited! So basically we´re going on tour. We´re a big deal. ;)

Francisco is getting baptized on Thursday! We´re way excited for him. Something kind of cool happened with him! He told us that he didn´t think he was going to be able to get baptized on the date we´d told him because his boss had changed his work schedule and he had almost no time off, and wasn´t going to be able to go to church in our ward. We had a really good lesson with him about the Sabbath day and about how he needed to have the faith necessary to speak with his boss so he would be able to fulfill this commandment. We think he was a little scared to do so since he thought someone had gotten fired from his work just shortly before for asking for a schedule change, but he still had the faith to do it! Although he still doesn´t have much time off, his boss did give him from 7:00 until 11:00 in the morning off on Sundays. So he can to church now since it starts at 8:00 AM! Woohoo! So all things are well for his baptismal date. :)

That´s all for this week! I love you all!

-Elder Thomas

P.S. Pictures! They´re from our P-day activity. We went to a cool Mayan ruins park place! It was way fun!

Elder Holland and I

 Ancient Guatemalan dragons. Just kidding, they´re just crocodiles. But they´re still pretty cool.

Cute monkey we played with for a bit. It licked my finger.

Me being a frog next to a frog rock

Here is a tidbit from Dylan's email to his dad: I´m glad you´re enjoying your scripture study! I really love reading the scriptures. I remember I always enjoyed reading the scriptures, but I came to really enjoy it in the MTC. Some days when I´m having an especially good personal study I don´t want to leave to proselyte, but rather stay and study all day! It´s really a great blessing learning to love the scriptures.

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