Monday, April 10, 2017

Transfers- District Leader!

Hello everyone!

This week has been super great! We´ve had a ton of great experiences!

First off, I got to attend two baptisms this week! The first was in San Sebastian, the area I was serving in when I first got to the office. A lady named Ana Bella was baptized. She´d been taught for months by so many missionaries, and she went to church every single week, but she couldn´t get baptized because she wasn´t married to the man she was living with. He was married to another woman, and she was demanding a lot of money in order for the divorce to be filed so Ana Bella and this man could get married. Long story short, they got the divorce process started and within a few months they´ll be getting married. However, Ana Bella could not wait any longer to be baptized, so they´re separated until they can get married! It was so awesome to see someone who´s waited so long to be baptized finally be able to do so. She was baptized with her dad as well. It was an awesome experience!

The second was Francisco´s baptism! He´s so awesome. His baptism was a pretty great experience, and he was super firm in his decision to be baptized! I´m so happy I was able to participate in his conversion process.

We also started doing the Prince of Peace program this weekend! It went SUPER well! It´s so much fun. We´ve travelled to three different stakes to do it, and it´s been a spiritual experience every time. We´re also getting a good number of references from the activity, so we´re excited for that as well!

One more miracle I would like to tell you about! We were leaving the office one day this week to go run an errand when I looked out the door and I saw a lady outside the gate of the church waving her hand. We went to go see who it was, and she asked us if she could come in. We were a little confused, but then she told us that someone had suggested that she went to the Mormon church because it would really help her a lot. So she decided to come check it out! We let her in and gave her a brief tour of the church, and then we invited her to an activity and to church on Sunday
. She said she would go on Sunday, and that she would like to learn more from the missionaries. It was super awesome that SHE came looking for US! We asked where she lived and passed the reference to the elders assigned to that area. I´m excited to hear about her progress!

Last but not least...President Goodman called me yesterday to tell me where I will be assigned to serve next. I´m being transferred to...drum roll please.....Zone Malacatan, Area El Rodeo! I´m super excited about it. I´ve never been in that zone, but I´ve heard so many good things about my new area. They´ve had tons of investigators in church for the past few weeks, and I´ve heard that the members are participating a lot in the work in that branch. My new companion will be Elder Hernandez. I don´t know him, but I think he´s from Honduras. He just barely finished his training, so he´s pretty new in the mission. I´ve heard a lot of good things about him too though, so I´m excited about that as well! I will be serving there as district leader. My district is full of some really experienced and excellent missionaries, so I´m sure we´re going to do an awesome job. I´ll be going to my new area on Wednesday!

So there´s the big news! That´s all for this week! I love you all tons!

-Elder Thomas


Francisco's Baptism

Ana Bella and her husband's baptism

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