Monday, March 6, 2017

Losing the fear of talking to people

Hi everyone!

This week was really awesome! We got a lot done in the office, and also had some great miracles in our area. Transfers went great, I´m excited to be starting a new one!

We got to work a fairly decent amount of time in our area! We didn´t find any new investigators, but we were able to talk to a ton of people! We´re trying to put a big focus in our mission on inviting literally everybody we meet. It´s so great talking to everybody, and it really helps get rid of any fear or nerves one might have of talking to people. So I know as we keep doing that we´ll have success! We also are going to put an emphasis on visiting some inactive families in our ward this week. My companion and I both feel that working with them will not only help them become active, but also help us find more investigators to teach and baptize. So we´re excited for that this week!

Pablo went to the stake conference this week! So that was good. He´s been several times, but not within the past couple months, so we´re really happy that he was able to come again. He continues reading the Book of Mormon - he actually puts more attention into what he reads than the majority of the investigators I´ve taught in my mission - but he is yet to receive an answer. My companion and I are kind of at a loss as far as what to teach or do. I´ve never really had an investigator like him! One who reads and prays and has been to church but does not receive an answer that the Church is true. But we are going to keep praying hard for him and doing everything we can, and we hope he´ll soon receive an answer! Please pray for him!

We also had another little miracle! A young woman in our ward told us that she was going to bring a friend to church. She did, and we ran into her on the street later that day and she introduced us to him. Turns out that he´s part of a family we were teaching over a month ago! We had stopped teaching them because the dad told us that they weren´t really interested and that his kids didn´t want to go to church, but then this one went! His name is Manuel and I think he´s about fifteen years old. Interesting how he didn´t want to go but now that a young woman invites him he does...but I´m sure that´s just a coincidence. ;) Haha but we´re going to teach just him on Wednesday, so we´re praying for the best!

That´s about all for this week! I also just watched a new version of the First Vision video that apparently just came out. It´s super awesome! So you all should watch it if you haven´t already.

I love you all! Have a great week!

-Elder Thomas

Here are some pictures! There are a couple of our new apartment, one with Elder S├ínchez, and one with Elder Steiner, who both went home on Wednesday.

With Elder Steiner

Our new apartment

With Elder Sanchez

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