Monday, February 27, 2017

We have hot water!

Hello everyone!

This week has been a pretty busy office week! Transfers are this week, so we´ve been doing many things preparing for them. I don´t have transfers, so it looks like I´ll continue being the financial secretary for at least another six weeks! So that´ll be fun. I´m really excited for this new transfer though, I feel like it will be a great one!
Although we didn´t have much time to work in our area, we were able to teach an investigator named Pablo Chamorro. His wife is a member, and he´s been to church several times but has never been baptized. He´s reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it, but he´s yet to feel like he´s received an answer. He´s a very smart man and we really enjoy teaching him. We´re pretty sure he´s been taught by several sets of missionaries, but we´re hoping that he will continue to read and pray and we´re sure he will soon receive his answer.
We also decided to move houses! Some new apartments were built literally right next to the mission office, and they´re super nice! So we moved today. The owner is from Spain, and his wife is from here in Guatemala. We also can pay them a monthly amount, and they make us breakfast, lunch, and dinner Monday through Friday! They also clean our room twice a week! And...we have hot water! So basically my life just got a whole lot more comfortable. Haha so that´s good!
Other than that, this week was pretty normal! I love being a missionary!
I love you all!

-Elder Thomas

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