Monday, January 16, 2017

New Area and New Companion

Heyyy family!

We have transfers again! Sort of...haha.

Well, first of all, I have a new companion! His name is Elder Dennis from Los Angeles, California. He´s a really good missionary, and I´m super excited to work with him more! So he came on Tuesday of last week, and we´ve been in a trio with him for this whole week while Elder Lee trains him in his responsibilities as executive secretary. So that´s been really fun! Elder Lee will be leaving to a new area tomorrow in normal transfers, and I will stay here with Elder Dennis. So that´s exciting!

Also...we have a new area! On Wednesday morning we received a call from Elder Lopez, the assistent to President Goodman, saying that we were changing areas THAT VERY DAY. So that´s fun! Apparently the sisters that were there were having a problem with a man who was following them for safety reasons, we switched areas with them. Because who cares if Elders are safe, right? ;) Haha just kidding. We´re not too far from where we were, but we are far enough away that the sisters should be safe now. The area is called Pamelita, and I really like it so far! We´ve met some members, and they´re very nice. Plus, we haven´t seen the scary stalker of the sisters even once! So I´m pretty sure we´ll be safe since we´re ugly boys. So no worries about my safety Mom. ;)

We haven´t had a ton of time to work in our area since Elder Dennis is training and the transfers are tomorrow and everything, but that´s okay. We´ve met a few good people contacting, so I´m hoping they´ll start progressing really soon! We also went to a baptism on Saturday. It was of a man named Eduardo, and he´s super great. I don´t know him super well since the sisters did all of the work in preparing him, but I´m sure he´ll be a great member on the church. The only problem is that he didn´t go to church yesterday! We passed by his house and called him many times, but he didn´t answer us. So he still hasn´t been confirmed, nor have have we made contact with him. :( But we´re sure he will overcome any challenge he has and be confirmed this Sunday, and always continue active in the church.

The recent converts in our old area are doing great! Melany is even living with a super great family of members, so I´m sure she will learn a lot there and have what everything she needs to stay active! So that´s awesome.

Well, that´s all this week! I love you all!

-Elder Thomas

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