Monday, January 9, 2017

Photos of Jose Carlos Baptism

Hi everyone!

This week was pretty...regular! Haha it was good, but I honestly don´t have a whole ton to report on. Things are going well here in the office, but we didn´t work a whole ton in our area this week unfortunately. But hopefully this week will be a little better in that sense!

A couple things of good news (¿Unas buenas noticias? That translated weird...haha)! But anyway, Christian received the Aaronic Priesthood on Sunday! So that was awesome. There is also a stake temple trip on Saturday! As missionaries, we´re not allowed to go, but Christian, Melany, and Jose Carlos are all planning on going! So that´s exciting.

As far as investigators go this week, we don´t have a whole ton to report on. We did visit a teenage boy named Enrique, an old investigator that the sisters were teaching before we got here. He´s super cool! HE actually texted US asking us to come visit him! He´s super smart, and has received just about all of the missionary lessons. He wants to get baptized, but his dad doesn´t feel he is ready yet for some reason, so he´s not giving him permission. He supports him a lot in going to church and learning and everything, but hasn´t yet given him permission to be baptized. He´s also an extremely busy man, so we haven´t been able to sit down and teach him either. But we´re going to talk to his dad this week, and we´ll see what happens! Pray for the best!

That´s about all for this week! We have been working quite a bit with members for the past couple weeks, and they´ve given us some references. We just haven´t gotten around to contacting them yet, so that´ll be this week´s task!

I love you all! Until next week!

-Elder Thomas

As promised last week, pictures of Jose Carlos baptism

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