Monday, October 17, 2016

Surprise!: I Get Air Conditioning and a Rolly Chair

Hey everyone!

Sooo this week was really great, with a little bit of a surprise as well!

First off, we had the baptism of the Bamaca family this week! It was so great. It was such a spiritual experience, and so many people came! Even though it was a long and difficult process for them, I could really see the peace and joy in their eyes as they entered the waters of baptism.

Another miracle that happened! We had an investigator come to the baptism on Saturday, and after the baptism ended my companion and I both felt the strong impression that we needed to invite her to baptism. Although we hadn´t taught her hardly at all, we talked to her after the baptism and she said she wants to get baptized! We couldn´t place a specific date quite yet, but I´m sure she´ll be baptized soon.

And now for the surprise...I had emergency transfers! Haha so I am no longer in Tejutla. President Goodman called me Sunday morning, and told me I needed to be in the office with my suitcases today at noon. So I spent the whole day yesterday packing and saying good-bye, and I just got here and received my new assignment! I´m going to be the new financial secretary of the mission. Elder Steiner is the current secretary, and he has a week to train me in everything I need to know, and then I´ll take the wheel!

I´m really excited for my new assignment! I thought at first that it would be really boring, but now I´m seeing that it´ll be pretty fun! My companion is Elder Lee from Kaysville, Utah. And it sounds like we´ll actually have a lot of time to work in our area although we have office work to do! They say we have an AMAZING ward that does a ton of missionary work, and we have baptisms planned for the next THREE Saturdays! I´m so excited. It´s pretty weird coming from the middle of nowhere with a tiny branch to a giant ward, a computer, an air-conditioned room and a comfy rolly chair, but I don´t think it´ll be too tough to get used to. ;)

Well, that´s all! I love you all, have a great week!

-Elder Thomas

P.S. I attached a picture of our baptism and a few with some members. :)

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