Monday, October 24, 2016

Driving in Guatemala: No Bueno

Hey everybody!

This week has been great! I´m loving my new assignment here in the office. It´s a lot different, but it´s also a lot of fun and I´m learning a ton. I finish my training this week, and I feel like I´ve learned about everything, so that´s good. The good thing is that Elder Steiner, the old finance secretary, just became the new assistant to the President, so he´ll be around to answer any questions I have still.

I also drove for the first time in Guatemala! It was pretty fun. Except for...I might have accidentally hit a pole and dented the bumper my second time driving...and for that reason lost my driving privileges. Well, it was fun while it lasted. Haha!

Also, I just got transferred into the best ward into literally the entire world. They give references like CRAZY. This is the first Guatemalan ward I´ve seen that actually has ward missionaries, and they work so hard! They literally go street contacting together! It´s so awesome, especially since we don´t have a ton of time to work because of all of our office responsibilities. So we´re super blessed in that way!

We also had a baptism on Saturday! Her name was Johana. She was so cool! I only taught her once since I was only here this week, but she has so much faith. She got baptized against the will of literally almost her entire family! She´s so amazing. Unfortunately she´s also extremely shy and didn´t want pictures in her baptism, so I don´t have any. :/ But it was still great!

That´s about all for this week! 

-Elder Thomas

P.S. We also played tennis with President Goodman and his wife for P-day...hahaha that was a party!

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