Monday, September 5, 2016

Still Branch President, for now.

Hey everybody!

This week was great! Yesterday President Goodman was able to come to the branch and interview two different men. He is still pondering about the decision to call a local branch president, but he is going to let me know within two weeks what his and the Lord`s decision is. I`m super excited!

We`ve also had a lot of success this week in finding new investigators! Many members have given us references, and the Lord is blessing us a ton with people to teach. We still need to follow up with most of them, but I`ll tell you all about some of them next week when we`ve gotten to know them a bit more!

Sorry for the short email, but not too much to talk about this week! I love you all! The Church is true!

-Elder Thomas

A little from our email: (I asked Dylan how he felt about the changes made by the new mission president)

I know a lot of people are very unhappy about the changes, but I`m sure that as they soften their hearts and start to obey that they will see the blessings and understand the why. Don`t worry, I`m getting used to things pretty fast, so it`s all good!I think I have lost some weight, but I think it`s just from walking all the time. But I`m totally healthy!

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