Monday, September 12, 2016

Patience and Miracles

Hey everybody!

This week has been full of learning experiences and miracles. We have done a lot of contacting and door knocking, but unfortunately we haven´t had a whole ton of success. But aún así [even then], we´re moving forward with ánimo [excitement] and we know that the Lord is preparing people for us to teach and baptize.

We had a great experience with the Book of Mormon this week! On Tuesday we taught a member´s cousin who he had brought to church. She´s a teenager, and for that reason she didn´t take us super seriously and she just giggled almost the whole lesson. Although we were a bit frustrated, we gave her a Book of Mormon, which she committed to read and pray about, and set up a return appointment for Thursday. When we returned, she had read and prayed about the Book of Mormon, and her entire attitude had changed. She gave us full attention the whole lesson, and she even accepted to be baptized! She´s yet to accept a specific date, but I know that we will have a baptism soon.

We had another miracle as well! My companion and I were a bit frustrated because we have two or three investigators that are single women, and since we can´t visit them without another man in the house (and there are very few adult men who have the time to visit with us in the branch), we weren´t sure how we were going to be able to visit them. I was thinking about what we could do before church started yesterday when all of a sudden a man walked into the building who I didn´t recognize. I went up to meet him, and he´s a return missionary from Xela who will be living and working here for six months. He lives very near our house, and he told us he´d be willing to visit with us whenever we need him! God always provides what we need!

I hope you all have a great week! Much love!

-Elder Thomas

PS...A little from his email to us:

I´m doing great! As for the possibility of a new branch president, President Goodman will be returning to the branch this week...he says he´s still pondering, but I´m pretty sure he´ll bring good news. :) But we did talk for a bit, and I got a lot of good encouragement and advice. He´s actually called me a few times as well. It really scared me the first time, but now I like that he´s in contact with me a lot. He´s a great president.

We´ve still got three hours in church! Usually at least one teacher doesn´t show up, so my companion ends up improvising at least one class every Sunday, but hey, that´ll make him a good missionary! Haha. I eat fruit smoothies for breakfast every day along with cereal, and that works well for me! And the lady who cooks for us makes some good pastas as well, so we´ve got that pretty much covered. :)

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