Monday, July 18, 2016

Snow in Guatemala!!

Hey there friends of mine!

This week was pretty darn great! In reality, nothing was too much out of the ordinary, but for some reason I`ve been feeling the Spirit so much more than usual lately. Almost every lesson we´ve had this week has been so great and full of the Spirit, and it makes me so happy!

Well, more than anything, we´ve been preparing for our district conference this week! We`re working really hard with all of the less actives to be able to meet our goal to bring sixty people to the conference. I know we can do it! We are also going to be a part of a choir for the conference, so that`s been fun rehearsing for that! They also assigned me to sing Love is Spoken Here as a solo in the conference, so I`m SUPER excited for that. It`s been a while since I`ve really sang, so I`m a bit rusty, but it`s still fun. :)

This week we had our first interviews with President Goodman! It was SO great. His wife and he care about us so much, and I feel the Spirit so much when I`m with them. I kind of want to be him when I grow up. Haha so he´s super cool. :)

Maricela and her family are doing good! They`re reading the Book of Mormon and praying, but they like to make excuses to not come to church. But hopefully this week we can get them there! Unfortunately, although Sairy still wants to get baptized, her husband is no longer allowing her go to church or anything. So that`s super sad. But I know one day he`ll open his heart!

That`s about all for this week! Love you all!

-Elder Thomas

Here is some fun stuff we got this week!! (BIG surprise at the bottom, keep scrolling!)

Ladies and gentlemen, WE FOUND SNOW IN GUATEMALA. :D

A cool restaurant on a lake!

So ummm...I was playing "what are the odds" with Elder Tufuga on the way home from choir rehearsal on Tuesday, and I lost. I had to scream as loud as I can in a bus full of people. So I hope you enjoy me embarrassing myself. :) 

A little recording of the solo I`m going to sing in the district conference for you Mom! I`m a little rusty, so don`t judge. ;)
PS... The Two little girls from a less active family. The one on the left is awkwardly in love with me. She`s seven. Haha!

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