Monday, July 25, 2016

A Real Miracle

Well, this week was awesome!

If you don´t remember from my last email, yesterday we had our big district conference that we´ve been preparing for all month! This week we dedicated the entire week to getting as many people to that conference as possible. We visited every member we had time for, inviting and committing them to come to the conference. We even rented a bus to take the entire branch to the conference so that no one would have an excuse not to come! Haha but let me tell ya, this week was full of miracles.

Last week, we went to visit a few less active members that live about an hour away from the church in taxi. They don´t come to church because the mother is really old and sick, and they´re very poor and they can´t afford to pay a taxi to get them to church. But since this was such a special experience, we decided to have the bus drive to pick them up early in the morning Sunday so that they would be able to come.

 But here´s the real miracle! While we were there visiting the family, it just so happened that a grandson named Ruben who lived a few houses down walked in to visit his grandma. We got to know him a little bit, and we invited him to join us in the conference on Sunday. He said that he would love to come, and that he was going to invite a few of his brothers and sisters to come with him! My companion and I were obviously very excited that we had a new investigator, and possibly a few more people that could join us to the conference. We told him what time the bus was going to be at his house so his siblings and he could be ready. the REAL miracle. As we rode in the bus to go pick up this family of members along with Ruben and his siblings, we were expecting to see seven or eight people there waiting for us. But much to our surprise, when the bus turned the corner we saw TWENTY ONE people all dressed up and ready to go to the conference with us! Turns out that Ruben had invited siblings, uncles, aunts, cousins, friends, random people on the street, you name it! So let´s just say we found a lot of new investigators yesterday, and we have a lot of teaching appointments for this week. SUCH a miracle!

There are so many other miracles that happened this week, but unfortunately I don´t have time to tell them all to you. All things said and done, we broke our goal of bringing sixty people to the conference by bringing 72 people, fourteen of which were investigators. That is the highest attendance Tejutla has ever seen, and the highest amount of investigators I´ve had in church my entire mission! Sooo I´m on Cloud 9 right now. WHOO!!!

We´ve got a busy week ahead of us! We´ve got a lot of teaching appointments set with our new investigators, and we also are going to be training a few members in their callings. Should be another great week!

Well, I love you all! I love this work, the Church is true!

-Elder Thomas

Bird selfie!

This bird flew in our house the other day...we wanted to keep him as a pet, but he escaped when we opened the door. :(

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