Tuesday, May 3, 2016

My Birthday Miracle

Heyyy there friends! :)

This week went by SUPER fast. It seems like just yesterday I was sitting at this computer, haha. But it was a great week with some great miracles!

First off, let me tell you all about my birthday present! This Wednesday one of our appointments fell through, so we decided to contact a little bit. Literally the first door we knocked on was a MIRACLE. A lady of about 20 years named Telma answered the door, and we asked her if we could come in and share our message with her. She said, "Yes, but I really want my parents and siblings to hear it too. They live really close, can I just take you over to their house?" Uhhhh...sure! Haha so she took us down this super hidden path to a house that we never would´ve found by ourselves. But when we walked in the door, we found what seemed like an entire city of people! There were at least fifteen people living in this one tiny house. Turns out that Telma actually has 12 siblings, and they were all living there in the same house! The family had never talked to missionaries before! They didn´t have a ton of time, so we just taught them a little bit about The Restoration, but they LOVED it! It was so awesome teaching so many people at once, I felt like I was giving a talk in sacrament meeting, haha. But seriously, this family is so awesome! Most of them were busy this Sunday, so only three of them could come to church, but they all want to come this next Sunday! We could only teach them that one time this week, but they´re super positive! So I´ll have to let you know more about their progress next week!

Sooo a family of 14 to teach. God´s wonderful birthday present to me. A day late, but He´s a pretty busy guy, so I´ll give Him a break. ;)

So that was great! Also, Mario got baptized! We made a long-distance call to the United States to get permission from his dad, and then he was able to get baptized! So that was great. He´s such a great kid, I´m sure he´ll be a faithful member in the Church.
Mario's Baptism

Well, that´s about everything worth mentioning that happened this week! We´re already in the last week of this transfer...that went by super fast! We had interviews with our mission president this past week, and he already told us that we won´t be seeing any changes in our area this transfer. So that´s cool!

So that´s all for this week! I´ll talk to you all next week, unless you´re in my immediate family, then I´ll talk to you on Sunday. :D Love you all!

-Elder Thomas

Here are a few pieces of Elder Thomas' letter to me that touched my heart:

I read this cool little book I found in the apartment that was written by a missionary who had record baptisms in his mission in Alabama.  He decided to make a covenant with God that He would work his very hardest until the very last hour of his mission. He even committed that he would go contacting on the very last day. So I decided to do the same thing! I´m committed to give every last second of these two years, without missing a second!

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