Monday, February 1, 2016

Senior Companion for a Day

Hey everyone!

This week was pretty different, and a little tough, but good! We had a baptism on Saturday of a 19 year-old girl named Yaquelin. She´s so awesome! We´ve been visiting her for a really long tme. She´s always been really awesome and receptive, but she was never able to keep commitments to go to church or read the Book of Mormon and things like that. We were about ready to stop visiting her, but finally she made it to church this past Sunday and completely changed. She told us she knew the church was true and was ready to be baptized! But here´s the awesome part! She was confirmed in church yesterday, and after sacrament meeting she asked us what she needed to do to be able to serve a mission! WHAT! She just got baptized Saturday, and she already wants to serve a mission. So yeah, that´s pretty sweet.

Yaquelin's baptism

Yaquelin and some of her family

This Wednesday, I went on splits in my area with a missionary who entered the mission with me and just got emergency transferred to our area because he had a really bad trainer. He´s really shy, and since he had a bad trainer, he doesn´t really understand the lessons. For some reason my district leader wanted him to be with me for a day so I could help him...haha I´m not exactly sure why, but that´s what we did! So I basically had a day as senior companion. That was TOUGH. Since this elder was so shy, I pretty much had to do all of the talking, and we contacted pretty much the whole day without success. But it was definitely a really humbling day for me, and I now realize I have a ton to learn!

That´s about it for this week! Haha not much to report on. Other than what I´ve talked about, we´ve been working a lot with our recent converts, re-teaching them the lessons and helping them learn so they can stay active in the church. Yonatan and Manuel received the Aaronic Priesthood already, and Yonatan blessed the sacrament yesterday! He was super nervous, but he did great and it was so cool to see him be able to do that. It´s so great to see the difference the gospel really does make a difference in the lives of these people! I can always see how much happier they get as they learn more and more about the gospel. I´m so grateful to be a part of this work!

Well, this transfer ends on Wednesday! Wow, that went by fast...haha but we find out tomorrow what the changes are going to be if we have any, so stay tuned for next week! I love you all!

-Elder Thomas

PS...From mom...Some things that Dylan is too humble to share. This was in our email today:

I´m definitely very blessed with my call! We baptized 8 people this month, and they´re all so converted to the gospel. It´s super great! Not that numbers matter, but my companion and I baptized more this month than any other companionship in the that´s pretty cool, haha.

Everything is going well over here! It´s still hard sometimes, but it´s getting better and better and easier and easier every day.

I miss Bridget a ton! I look at her pictures more than anyone else´s, haha. 

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