Monday, January 25, 2016

Wedding Planners

Hey everybody!
This week was really tough and stressful, but well worth it!
Unfortunately, our golden family that we`ve been teaching didn`t all get baptized. The mom told us she didn`t feel very comfortable in church, and she didn`t want to be baptized. So the two parents didn`t get baptized, but the children all still wanted to do it! But unfortunately, two of the brothers got called in to work for FOUR DAYS STRAIGHT this weekend. So they weren`t able to get baptized, but they still have the desire, so they should be able to get baptized this week.
But enough about the sad stuff, now to the good stuff! Two of the daughters (Maria and Camila) of this family were able to get baptized, along with the husband (Manuel) of one of them. That was so great!!! We also were able to baptize another couple (Yonatan and Kiary) which is AWESOME! All of the people we were able to baptize this week have such strong testimonies, it`s amazing. They were all so happy at their baptism, and I was so happy for them! It`s kind of funny, you would think baptisms as a missionary would be super spiritual, but they`re mostly just stressful getting everything put together. Haha but it`s all good!
Funny thing about the two different couples that got baptized. Unfortunately, they were living together, but they weren`t married. Obviously they can`t get baptized in that condition. Sooo my companion and I made our debut as wedding planners! Hahaha we organized everything so a guy could come marry them, we paid a member to make a cake, and we invited all of the members and had a cute little wedding for the two couples there in the church! Haha so that was pretty fun! It wasn`t the most fancy wedding in the world, but hey, it worked!
Probably the highlight of my week was last night. We went to teach a lesson to Yonatan and Kiary, who had just gotten confirmed members that day. We got there and taught a quick lesson, and then asked them if there was anything with which we could help them. Yonatan quickly responded yes, and Kiary proceeded to bring out a plate full of bread and hot chocolate for us to drink! They`re so poor, and they told us that they`d been saving all week to be able to give us this treat. It was so sweet, it took all of my strength not to just start crying right there. They love us so much, and Yonatan told us he`s always praying for us. I don`t know why they love us so much, but it is the sweetest thing in the world! These people are so sweet, and I`m so lucky to be able to serve among them!
Well, those are the highlights of this week! I hope everything is going well back home! Until next week!
-Elder Thomas

The wedding cake!

Double wedding

LOL Elder Pugmire

Wedding stuff

Manuel and Camila get married

Yonatan and Kiari get married

Baptism of Manuel, Camila, and Maria. I promise they were happy, 
that`s just how Guatemalans take photos...

Baptism of Yonatan and Kiari

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  1. In Mallory's wedding you are going to plan her's. Congratulations my dear grandson You are an auessome missionary. Love grandma Zayas. ( I think I did some writing mistakes.)