Monday, February 15, 2016

Miracle Baptism

What´s up everybody!

This week has been alright! I´m starting to get adjusted to my new companion, and we´re doing some pretty good work here. So that´s all good!

With his companion Elder Pimentel from El Salvador

Well, I´ve got to tell you all about the miracle baptism we had! So Emerson, who I talked about last week, got baptized on Sunday without any problems which was awesome! But we´ve also been teaching his aunt Eli since I got here to this area, and my trainer told me he had been teaching her even before I got here. So basically she´s been receiving lessons from missionaries for 3 or 4 months, and she´s received every lesson we could possibly teach her multiple times. She´s also ben to church several times. She´s always known our message was true, but she´s just super afraid of commitment, and because of that she hasn´t wanted to get baptized. Our district leader told us that if she didn´t accept a baptismal date soon, we should just drop her.

But now to the miracle part! Emerson and Eli came to church on Sunday, and my companion and I decided to pull them out of Sunday School to have a quick lesson and try to place a baptismal date with Eli one more time. When we asked her if she wanted to be baptized, with no hesitation she said yes! After she said yes, we thought for a second about a good date on which she could be baptized, but before we could say anything she asked if she could be baptized that day with her nephew! Uhhh...SURE! Hahaha so she got baptized yesterday with Emerson, and they´re going to be confirmed in church next Sunday. So that was AWESOME!

Emerson and Eli's Baptism

Emerson and Eli's Baptism/ family

That was obviously the highlight of the week! Other than that we´re in a little bit of a rut right now...we don´t have any progressing investigators right now. It´s been a little tough to find receptive people. But we´re just going to keep working hard and I know we´ll find some people!
One more fun thing that happened this week! My trainer, Elder Sánchez, apparently broke his toe. So our mission president told him he need to come to the mission office that day, and he was authorized to go alone. But to get to the office, he had to take a bus to our area and then another bus to Retalhuleu. But he arrived here to our area too late, and there weren´t any buses, so he was told to spend the night with us! That was so awesome to see him again, and we stayed up super late just chatting about life. It´s funny because we didn´t always get along as companions, but now that he´s not my companion he´s like my best friend. So that was pretty sweet!

That´s all for this week! Love you all!
-Elder Thomas

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