Monday, February 22, 2016

More and More Miracles

Hey everybody!

It seems like each week that passes here brings more and more miracles! This week went by SUPER fast, but it was full of successes and miracles.

We had a district meeting on Tuesday of this week, and in this meeting we always report to our district leader how we´re doing in our area, how our investigators are doing, etc. At this point in time, no one in our district had investigators that were ready to get baptized during the week. At the end of the meeting, our district leader told us that there was at least one person in each of our areas that was ready to get baptized that week. We all thought he was crazy, but he told us for some reason he felt like it was true, even though he wasn´t sure why.

My district leader. He's from Hawaii, so that's pretty cool

Even though at first I thought he was crazy, I decided to roll through my head all of the people that we´d been teaching to see if maybe one of them would be ready to get baptized. Obivously someone can´t get baptized without going to church at least a couple times, so I thought of all of the people we´ve ever brought to church. I thought of Oscar, an old man who we´d been teaching a lot with Elder Sánchez. We taught him a ton, he´d been to church with us three times, and had wanted to be baptized. The problem was that he wasn´t legally married to his wife, and his wife´s identification papers were so messed up that it would be extremely difficult and almost impossible to get them married. I don´t know why, but I felt like he was the person in our area that needed to get baptized.

We visited Oscar on Wednesday with my companion, and he told us he still loved the church and still had the desire to get baptized. My companion and I decided we were going to do everything possible to get these guys married so Oscar could get baptized. We spent the entire day taking buses back and forth to different government buildings and calling all sorts of children and family members of Oscar to find a way to get their papers figured out so they could get married. After a long, exhausting day FULL of miracles, we got it all figured out and they were ready to get married on Saturday!

Oscar and Maria get married

They can't write so we used their finger prints

So that was awesome. We had also been teaching Oscar´s wife a little bit, but she´s so old and sickly that it was impossible for her to come to church. But when we told our bishop all about the couple, he said he felt it appropriate to baptize her with her husband, even though she was never going to be able to come to church. Even though she can´t come to church, he told us we should baptize her because the ordinance will help her in the life to come. So on Sunday, we baptized Oscar and Maria, the cutest little old couple you´ve ever seen!
Sooo that was the biggest miracle ever! We also found A TON of new investigators last week, so we´re really excited to be able to teach them this week. Everything is going great over here. The Church is true!

-Elder Thomas

Other pictures Dylan sent today:

Wedding of Azucena! She was an investigator of the hermanas that we helped teach a little bit with Elder Sánchez. She got married on Monday and baptized on Saturday!

Mini Elder Thomas! :D

My companion and I got a little bit lost one day looking for someone we contacted who lived really far away...but we found some cool abandoned houses and some really pretty plants and fields and stuff! Haha so we at least got some cool pics out of it. :)

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