Monday, February 6, 2017

Esperanza gets Baptized

Hi everyone!

This week was very miraculous! We were able to fulfill many of our responsibilities here in the office, but we also saw miracles in our area.

On Friday we went to teach Esperanza. We had invited her to baptism earlier with the date of February 4, but she was still not sure. Then at that time we thought that now she would feel that the 4th was very fast, so we thought it would be better if we invited her to be baptized on February 11th. When we invited her to be baptized the other week, she remembered that we had invited her for February 4 and she said, "So, why isn´t this Saturday anymore?" We said, "Well, if you feel good with that, it can be done this Saturday!" And she said yes. She was baptized on Saturday, and confirmed on Sunday. It was so special! She moved here from Guatemala, and when we had just started teaching her she told us that she was praying and asking God to know if she should move here from the capital. She told us that she felt she should do it. Now we know that God wanted her to come here so that she would get to know the church more and be converted. We are so happy for her!

We´re teaching a couple of other people in our area, but most of this week will be spent finding new people to teach since our pool of people to teach isn´t all that big right now. But I know God will lead us to those who are prepared!

I also want to share something else that I liked when I read the book of Enos. I rather liked verses 13-17, where Enos expresses the desire that he had for the records of his people to be preserved if his people fell in transgression. He also says that he wanted these records to be taken to the Lamanite people so that they would be led to the truth. God makes a covenant with him that the desires of his heart will be fulfilled. I have heard from various places that there is evidence that the people of this part of the world are descendants of the Lamanite people. Then I realized that we are helping to fulfill this covenant! We are bringing these records (the Book of Mormon) to the Lamanite people so that they are led to the truth. At least that´s how I understand it! It was a good discovery for me, and my testimony of the Book of Mormon was greatly strengthened thanks to that!

I love you all! I hope all is well back home!

-Elder Thomas


Tuc-Tuc Selfie! [Taxi]

Office pic with Elder Zapata!

 Esperanza´s Baptism!

President Goodman, my companion, and the assistants.

The same people as the last picture, but with "sonrisas chapinas". ;) [Guatemalan Smiles]

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