Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas 2016

Hey everybody!

This week has been great and full of blessings! I love Christmas, even if we didn´t do too much to celebrate, haha. But I did get to talk to my family, which was fantastic! :)

The best Christmas present was probably getting to be in Cristian´s baptism! Everything went great. He´s so awesome, and I know he will be a fantastic member. He even sang in the stake Christmas choir before he was even a member! He´s a great kid, and we´re hoping his mother and his brother as well will start progressing more soon so that they can join him as members of the church.

Cristian's Baptism

Cristian's Baptism

P-Day Activity

We also had another huge miracle as well! We got a reference from some elders that are from an area nearby, saying that a girl had came up to them and asked them if they were "the elders". They said yes, and she told them that she had just moved here from another part of Guatemala. Her name is Melany, and she had been receiving the missionary discussions before and had been to church a couple of times where she was living, but then her parents stopped allowing her to do so. Once she had moved here, she had been looking for the elders to see what time church started and when the activities were so she could start going! Now that she´s eighteen and away from her family, there´s not really anything stopping her. And she lives in our area!

So we contacted her a few days ago! She wasn´t home when we passed by, but after we had walked away from the house she got home, and as soon as she did she came running up to talk to us! She explained that she´d already received all of the missionary lessons and gone to church, and wanted to start going again here. So we gave her a Book of Mormon and invited her to an activity the next day. She went, and during the activity we decided to pull her and a member into another room with us so we could teach her. She is SO prepared. She even accepted a baptismal date for this Saturday! She had always wanted to get baptized, but couldn´t because her parents didn´t allow her. She already knows a lot, but we will be reviewing some of the lessons with her just to refresh her memory. After we had taught her, she asked me "Do you have the pamphlets for the lessons?" I told her yes, and she said, "Can you just give them to me so I can read them? That way you guys don´t have so much work to do in teaching me." SO GOLDEN.

So yeah. This email is a little long, but I just had to let you guys know that we have the most golden investigator in the entire world. ;)

Merry Christmas everybody! I love you all!

-Elder Thomas

PS...From MOM
I sneaked a recording of Dylan speaking Spanish. I asked him to tell me what he did today and I was so impressed! He told me how he and his companion were asked to give impromptu church talks in Sacrament meeting on Christmas day.

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