Monday, May 23, 2016

Goodbye Rats. Hello Parasites :(

What´s up y'all!

Well, this week was super great and went by SUPER fast. It literally seems like yesterday that I was sitting at this computer writing you all about last week! Crazy how time flies!

Well, the best part of this week, Carlos and Daniela got baptized!!! :D It was so great! Like I said last week, at the beginning of the week Daniela didn´t quite understand why she needed to be baptized again if she was already baptized in another church. We weren´t quite sure what to do to help her understand, so before we had a lesson with them on Tuesdaywe said a prayer and asked God to help us know what to say. When we arrived at the house, Carlos had left to work, so we were able to have a lesson with just Daniela. The Spirit was so strong, and by the end of it Daniela was in tears and told us that she wanted to be baptized on Saturday with her husband! We left the house having no idea what had happened or what we had said. I honestly don´t remember a single part of that lesson. All I know is that somehow, the Spirit was able to testify to Daniela through us the importance of baptism, and she knew she needed to do it! So that was an incredible experience. :) We were also teaching Carlos´s younger sister Wendy along with them, and she was able to be baptized on Saturday as well!

So that was clearly the best part of the week! Now to the not so fun part...when I got here to this zone a couple months ago, everyone told me it was the land of baptisms. What they failed to tell me is that it is also the land of parasites! So this week I got my first parasite attack of my mission. Everyone says you don´t escape Guatemala without them, so I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later! For those of you who don´t know what parasites feel like, it´s basically like the stomach flu on steroids. So I spent two days this week laying in bed with a very high fever and stomach ache. :P So that was lame! But I got some medicine and now I´m already mostly better, so it´s all good. :)

Also, the assistants to the mission president came to inspect our houses a few days ago and we were told that my companion and I have to move! Apparently the apartment my companion and I are living in doesn´t meet the health/safety standards of the mission. Hehe oops. But we found a really nice little house to rent, and we´re moving tomorrow! Pics of the new house will be included in the next email. :)

We´re super excited for this week! We don´t have very many people we´re teaching in our area, but our district and zone are doing very well. If everything goes well with the baptisms we have for this week, we will break the mission record for the most baptisms in a zone in one month! :D So that´s super exciting. So we´re planning on spending most of our time this week helping out our district so we can make that happen!

Well, the Church is true! I love you all! Have a great week!

-Elder Thomas

These are called Tuk-Tuk´s! They´re little taxis for two. Our driver made a quick stop, so we snapped a couple of quick pics. :)

Probably one of my worst pictures on my mission. I´m not sure what my body is doing. LOL.

I´m not sure why our zone leaders really wanted pictures in front of this old church, but here you go!

Carlos, Daniela, and Wendy´s Baptism!

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