Monday, April 11, 2016

Golden Investigator and my Humble Abode

Hey guys!

It´s been a pretty good week! I don´t have a whole ton to say this week, but I´ll share just a few things!

First off, we found a totally GOLDEN investigator. We found him like my second day here in this area, but I forgot to tell you all about him last week! His name is Carlos, and when we knocked on his door, we knew he was going to be an awesome investigator. He immediately invited us in, and before we could even introduce ourselves, he asked us to please share whatever message we had to share with him. We shared a brief message with him, and then invited him to baptism. He immediately accepted! He´s gone to church and loved it, and he just eats up every message we share with him. Whenever we come to his house, he always has a ton of food and stuff ready for us. He´s amazing, and he´s getting baptized this Saturday! It´s so amazing how the Lord prepares people for us!

So that´s probably the best part of the week! Most of this week we´ve been spending contacting and finding a bunch of new people. We found a ton of potential investigators this week, and we´re going to be teaching them this week to see how many of them are positive and interested. So hopefully there will be a lot of that group that will be cool as well!

We´re also working a lot with this ward to try to get them to work with us a bit more. This ward is quite a bit smaller than the one in my last area, and there aren´t many that are willing to work with the missionaries like there were in my last area. They´re great people, it´s just a bit of a change from my last area. But we´re going to try to find something to do to get them excited about missionary work!

Another good week here in the mission! I´m loving my new area, and I´m learning a ton here. So there´s that! Haha I love you all!

-Elder Thomas

Our lovely beds. :)

And the other side of the room! Haha the house may not look like much, but it does the job. There also aren´t hardly any bugs, so that´s good! I´ve also done a bit of cleaning since when these pictures were taken, so it looks a bit better now. Haha but here´s where I´m living! :)

My "kitchen"

The rest of the house! Nice and cozy, haha but it´s all good!

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