Monday, June 20, 2016

It's About to get REAL!

 Hey y´all!

This week has been super great! We´ve been SUPER busy. It seems like there isn´t enough time in the world to get everything done that needs to get done here! But I guess that´s a good thing, haha.

We had a super fun Father´s Day activity for the branch this Saturday! We went to a fun little park and had a little barbeque and played soccer and basketball! It was a huge success, and a ton of fun. Sixty people from the branch showed up! Which is way more than the amount we ever have at´s amazing how many more people come when there´s food involved. Haha but it was a really good time!

This Sunday we had our annual district conference! It was super great, and we had a really high attendance from our branch, which was really awesome. There, President Ruiz announced that our zone (San Marcos) is going to be divided. Our district is going to become its own zone, Zone Serchil. It will be made up of only five pairs of missionaries and three very small branches. It´s going to be interesting, because our zone will have the least amount of members in the entire mission, but it´s going to be fun!

This week is going to be super fun, but way busy! This Saturday we will be having our branch trip to the temple! There will be two different families from the branch that will be sealed that day, and several others will be receiving their endowments. I´m so excited!

Also, this Wednesday my companion is going to be transferred! Which means I will be in charge here as branch president. I won´t be officially sustained and set apart for another two weeks, but during that time I will be acting unofficially as branch president. I´m really nervous and a little stressed, but I´m also very excited and I know that God will help me fulfill this calling that He has given me.

Well, that´s all for this week! It´s been a great week. I love serving in an area where the church is so young where I can literally see the church growing right before my eyes. It´s such a testimony to me of how incredible this work is. This gospel will reach EVERYONE, and there´s no one that can stop it!

I love you all!

-Elder Thomas

PS. We had a big multi-zone conference this week, so I got the chance to catch up with some old friends and companions! 

Elder Pimentel and me

Elder Hastings and me

Elder Tagg and Elder Garcia...bless their hearts.

MY DAD!!! [trainer] I hadn´t seen him in six months. And let me tell ya, he´s gotten FAT. I don´t know if you can tell in the picture, but he has. He also has kidney stones because he drinks way too much Coke. Haha but it was great to catch up with him!

Elder Flores, Elder Sánchez, and me!

Father's Day BBQ

My Companion and Elder Virgin with another family

This random guy that I met on Sunday got home from his mission 6 months ago and says he served in the Dominican Republic and that he met Jareck Nelson! Small world!
My companion and a family from the branch, that doesn´t particularly understand that Elders aren´t supposed to touch girls. But oh well.

Another family from the branch

The branch at a district conference

The whole branch. Aren't they cute? 

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  1. Hello Elder Dylan: Esa rama se ve mas fuerte que la de nosotros aqui en Salinas. Se ven bellos y felices. You are doing good job. Felicidades.