Monday, January 11, 2016

Families are Forever

Heyyy everybody!
This week was super great! We had a lot of cool stuff happen. Hopefully I`ll be able to remember everything I wanted to say!
We had another baptism this past  Saturday! It was an 11 year-old boy named Jòse Emilio. He was an investigator my companion taught in this area before I got here, and he was already to be baptized and everything, but his mom is Catholic and didn`t want to give him permission to be baptized. But then he randomly just called us and said his mom changed her mind! So we got her signature and all and he got baptized! So that was cool!

We had a really great multi-zone conference Wed and our president really just came down HARD on all of the disobedience there is in our mission. He said we need to change the culture of our mission, because right now the culture that is established is a culture of disobedience. So the obedience in our mission has been improving little by little the past couple of days, and hopefully it will continue to improve! I`m going to do everything I can to change the culture of disobedience!

We have a few SUPER AWESOME investigators, but I`ll just tell you about a couple. One of them is this super funny old man named Victor. I just started talking to him on the bus one day last week, and he immediately loved our message. He went to church and loved it, and he`ll basically do anything it takes to get closer to God. Just to give you an idea of how much he loves the church, this past Sunday we invited him to church, which is from  9-12, and then asked if we could have a lesson with him later at 4:30:. He responded, Sure! I´ll just spend the whole day with you guys if you want! Hahaha. So he`s awesome.

We also found an INCREDIBLE family! They`re a family of seven, and they love the Church. We only met them a few days ago, and since we`ve started teaching them they`ve started doing daily family prayer, daily family scripture study, and they`re already talking about how they`re going to go get sealed in the temple someday. I`m so excited for them! They`re scheduled to get baptized in 2 weeks, so we`re going to be sure to meet with them daily so Satan keeps his filthy hands away from them! I sure hope they stay active and I get to see them be sealed in the temple. That would be so amazing I can`t even describe it!
We have a few more investigators that are also pretty cool, but unfortunately I don`t have time to tell you about all of them! But we are definitely SUPER blessed. God is just putting these people in our path for us to teach, and they are just so receptive to our message. Sharing the gospel really is the greatest thing anyone could ever do. I truly love being a missionary. So hey y`all back home. Share the gospel. JUST DO IT.
Love you all!
-Elder Thomas

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