Monday, December 28, 2015

First Baptism, Fireworks, and Flaming Bugs!

Sup y'all!

So this week was pretty sweet! As you can tell from the subject line, I participated in my first baptism this week! :D it was super awesome. We baptized the little genius boy named Jacinto that I told you about. I had to do it twice, because the kid has like five names and I said them in the wrong order...haha but it´s all good! He was so excited, and it was such an awesome experience.

Christmas here was way fun! We spent the night at the zone leader´s house, and it was super cool. Basically here, at midnight on Christmas Eve, everyone just launches off every firework they can possibly find. It´s just deafening noise for about 20 minutes straight. So that was pretty awesome.

Now to the flaming bugs. Since I´ve got here, we´ve had a giant bee´s nest on the back door of our apartment. It´s really gross and scary, so the other day my companion and I decided we were going to get rid of it. Since we don´t really know how to get rid of bee´s nests, we decided to call upon our Deacon´s Quorum training. With a match and a container of bug spray, we blow-torched that thing right off the door. It was actually a really bad idea, and now we have to re-paint part of the door...but it made for a pretty dope video, so it´s all good!

I gave a talk in sacrament meeting the other day! That was pretty scary. It went pretty well. I mean, I don´t actually know if anyone understood anything I said, but I think it went well! Haha.

This week has been fun, but as far as teaching goes, it´s been pretty slow. Because of all of the different activities and stuff we´ve had, we haven´t had a ton of time to find people to teach. But we´ve got some rockin´ goals for this week, and hopefully we can work our butts off to get these people to hear the truth!

I love you all! The Church is true!

-Elder Thomas

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