Monday, December 21, 2015

Feliz Navidad!

Hi everyone!

This week in the mission has been pretty good! We´ve had a bunch of activities and stuff to do with Christmas, so that´s been so much fun.  On Friday, we did an activity in the park with our whole zone where we played church videos and set up tables with Books of Mormon and pamphlets and stuff. If people came through the tables and gave us their phone numbers and names, they got a card with a number on it. With that card, they were allowed to set off a floating lantern like in Tangled! Haha so that was cool. We set off over 100 lanterns at the same time! It was pretty sweet, and we got a ton of references from it.

We´ve also done a lot of cool stuff with the church video, Ha Nacido Un Salvador. I´m not sure exactly what the title is in English, but it´s the church´s big Christmas video that I´m sure you´ve all seen! It´s pretty cool!

We found a family that we´re teaching! Teaching families is so great, because so many people come to the joy of the gospel, and they get to do it together! They´re super cool, and they´re all set up to get baptizedthis Saturday! So I´m way excited for that!

Sorry, for some reason my camera cord isn´t working! So no pictures this week...but I promise I´ll try to figure it out this week!

Well, that´s really all I have to say this week! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, and remember the reason why we celebrate it. I love you all!

-Elder Thomas

Me again!

Here are some pictures Hermana Bustillo sent me from our Christmas activity with the lanterns! One is her and I, another is our whole zone, and I actually snuck a picture of Santa Claus! Pretty dope, right? ;)

By the way, Jacinto and Josue didn´t end up getting baptized as planned. We couldn´t get permission from Jacinto´s mother, and Josue had some problems with the Law of Chastity...but they´re both scheduled to be baptized this Saturday with the family, so hopefully that will all work out! We finally got permission from the mother of Jacinto, and Josue is doing much better.

Love ya all!


  1. Hi Elder Thomas this is the Wilson. we're excited for you to be on your mission. we Have seen you grow from a boy to a man. we know you'll do a great job. have a Merry Christmas

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