Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Dylan arrives at the MTC

October 28th 2015

Hi family! I have just a few minutes to email you guys. I made it to the CCM just fine! There were no problems at all during any of my flights. There were like 20 other missionaries on the plane with me, so it was impossible to get lost. I didnt get too much sleep, so Im exhausted, but thats alright!

Today has been a blur. I thought I kind of knew Spanish...but I guess not. Haha but its good! I met my MTC president, and he's super nice and cool!

Everyone speaks English, so I can communicate with people. Ive only been here for an hour or two, so I still just feel like Im flying by the seat of my pants. But its cool.

I wish I had more time to email...but I only have a few minutes. Sorry this email is so generic and scattered! I promise Ill give better emails when I have more time. But this is going to have to do for now! I love you all! I will email again soon.

-Elder Thomas :)

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