Monday, November 14, 2016


Heyyy everyone!

This week was great! In the short time we had to work in our area, we had many miracles!

One awesome miracle was with an inactive man, Cristobal. He hadn´t been to church in a very long time, but my companion and I had a very spiritual lesson with him. He´s the only member in his family, and his family is rather against the church, so we had the lesson on the curb outside of his house. He´s an older man who doesn´t hear very well, so we practically yelled a very short lesson in his ear so he could understand us. Every time we attempted to commit him to come to church, he put up some kind of excuse, but we could tell that the things he was telling us weren´t the real problem. Finally, he expressed to us that he didn´t go to church because all of the members dress very nicely, but he doesn´t have the money to buy nice clothes and he felt ashamed. My heart was filled with love for that man, and I briefly testified to him that God doesn´t care about what we look like on the outside when we go to church, but rather about the intent that we have in our hearts as we go. He committed to come, and I felt so happy as I walked into the chapel to see him sitting on the back row in dirty, scraggly clothes, but a big smile on his face!

Well, sorry for the short email, but that´s the best thing that happened this week! All is well here in the office, and I´m still loving the mission!

Thank you all for your love and support! Have great weeks!

-Elder Thomas

PS...(from mom)

Here's a little bit of history about the lady in this photo. Her name is Nancy and she runs Mission on the Fly. She actually delivers packages to missionaries in Guatemala and El Salvador. A God sent! I found out about her after Dylan's birthday package got LOST. Anyway, Nancy delivered a package to Dylan this week. I told her my son was in the office now and to him a hug from me :). This what Dylan had to say:

I loved my package! I was so excited for that surprise. Nancy arrived at the office and just said, "Is there an Elder Thomas here? I need a selfie with him!" And I knew instantly who had asked for that selfie! Haha good to hear that you haven´t changed much. ;) 

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